Commercial Risk Advisory

Third-party Due Diligence

We help our clients to assess the conduct of their agents and third parties taking local, international, and company-specific anti-bribery &
corruption rules and regulations into account.

​We advise on the design of a third-party risk management program to drive a consistent compliance monitoring approach across global operations, increasing the transparency in findings and clarifying accountability for remediation. Using data-analytic techniques to assist the testing program allows our clients to focus on high risk and/or unusual transactions.

Litigation, Dispute, Arbitration, Contractual Risks and Quantification of Losses

We help our clients with the identification and quantification of financial losses they suffered, supported by accounting-based evidence.

Areas we focus on include:

  • Breach of Share Sale and Purchase Agreements

  • Breach of commercial contracts including:

    • Media expenditures reviews

    • Subcontracting agreements

    • Distributorship agreements

    • Tenant lease agreements of shopping centers

    • Profit share agreements

  • Portfolio compensation

  • White-collar fraud

Insurance Fraud

We support policyholders with the identification of key arguments based on the available financial and commercial evidence, calculation of financial losses, communication with loss adjusters and preparation of expert witness reports, whereas we help insurance companies with the assessment of claims, recalculation of financial losses and preparation of expert witness reports. Besides, we support for settlement negotiations or mediation between policyholders and
insurance companies.

Our previous experience included analysis of business interruption, property and professional indemnity claims, related to machinery breakdown, theft, fire, flood, cyber-attack and white-collar crime cases.


Transaction testing used to be rarely included in conventional M&A due diligence studies. Due to intensified regulatory scrutiny and growing focus over compliance, forensic transactional testing has been becoming a regular component of pre and post-acquisition due diligence studies for the M&As.

We support acquirers to have a detailed comprehension of the operations and assets before, during and after the deals.