Operational Risk Advisory

Internal Controls and Risks Assessment

We investigate the root cause of impropriety and advise on practical ways to strengthen controls mitigating risks, including fraud, bribery, and regulatory incompliance. Our services include testing the current controls to assess their effectiveness.

The support we provide includes:

  • Performance of risk assessment to identify control gaps

  • Creation of risk matrices

  • Design and implementation of corrective action plans

  • Loan staff assignment for client-managed internal audit projects


We support multinational companies during their decision​ making process and execution related to the liquidation of their local operations. 

The support we provide includes:

  • Uncovering potential malpractices and advising on corrective actions prior to official liquidation

  • Reviewing commercial contracts and identifying the potential rights and liabilities

  • Calculation of final payment amounts to employees in compliance with the local legislations